2021 - 2022


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Félix Giorgetti has built the PC8, a bicycle path between Esch-sur-Alzette and Belval.

This huge scale projet is part of the development of bicyle paths in the Grand Duchy, and is a part of the Veloexpressweg between the capital and the Belval campus.

1.9 km

Total length

1.2 km

Length of the bicycle bridge

7.5 m

Bicycle bridge highest point

Five sections

With a total length of 1.9 km between Esch-Belval and Esch-sur-Alzette, the PC8 is divided into five sections.

The first section, "PC", is a 530 m cycle path and includes an underpass under the railway tracks on the ArcelorMittal site.

The "Alley" section includes landscaping on an area of approximately 1.2 ha.

The route continues via a cycle and pedestrian path that splits to accommodate ramps for people with reduced mobility and leaves cyclists on a constant slope.

In the "Promenade" section, the ramps join up to the centrepiece of the project, the bridge.

With a length of 1,200 m and an effective width of 4.5 m, it will rise up to 7.5 m. Plazas with an extra width of up to 8.5 m will be created to provide rest areas.

Next, the "Schmeltz" section, with a running section framed by the steelworks and the railway tracks, and then the "Belval" section, which takes cyclists to the Avenue des Sidérurgistes and/or the Avenue du Rock'n'roll. Pedestrians will be able to use stairs or lifts to reach the university district.

A durable XCarb steel

The structure is made of durable XCarb steel produced by ArcelorMittal with a reduced carbon composition.