Les Hauts de Leudelange


Les Hauts de Leudelange

Fall in love with the views offered by our ±10,000 m2 office building under development in Leudelange

Nestled between Rue de la Poudrerie and Rue du Château d’eau, Les Hauts de Leudelange is an office building with a surface area of ±10,000m2 characterised by beautiful lines and perspectives. Its structure includes three underground levels, a sunken level, a ground floor and three upper floors topped by a beautiful, partly planted rooftop terrace which offers panoramic views of the surroundings.

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± 10,000m2

Gross surface area






Underground levels


Month of construction

Functional and bright

Two entrances

Due to its location between two streets, the building has two entrances. A very interesting feature since it facilitates the management of different traffic flows.

The south entrance is on Rue de la Poudrerie, and gives access to two main stairwells, each equipped with a double lift. The other entrance is on the north side, at sunken level, with direct access to the bus stops. From there, a flight of stairs leads up to a large patio and, at the end of this courtyard, there is a staircase to access the ground floor.

You will find within this atypical architecture an open, motivating, friendly and dynamic space designed to foster exchanges and the well-being of its occupants.

Flexible and functional

While this project was in principle designed to accommodate one occupant, it can also house two because of its flexible and functional architecture. It will be an ideal location as your organisation’s headquarters or as satellite offices to facilitate the mobility of your employees. Its large glazed areas will maximise the amount of natural light coming into the indoor spaces, which in turn will save energy.

The structure is arranged in an unconventional way, in a shape resembling a parallelepiped, in order to follow the site’s layout perfectly and fully blend with its environment.  Its architectural concrete facade is complemented by a large number of windows and metal panels, conveying a sense of modernity and discreet elegance. The materials were chosen with care, for their quality and aesthetics as well as for their eco-friendly properties.

Building composition

The building consists of:

  • three underground levels with 161 parking spaces;
  • a sunken level, offering for the most part views of the outside and which can accommodate offices, a fitness room, a server room, meeting/training rooms and a terrace;
  • a ground floor with a lobby, reception, offices and 18 outdoor parking spaces for visitors;
  • three upper floors where (open space or closed) offices and meeting rooms can be set up, as well as a rooftop terrace for floors 2 and 3.

Our teams are at your service to design and develop a functional, customised turnkey project, in which your employees will enjoy working.

Once the project has been developed, expect ±30 months until it is completed.


A rapidly expanding business area

Located between Rue de la Poudrerie and Rue du Château d’eau in Leudelange, in a rapidly expanding business area with various functions, the new administrative building “Les Hauts de Leudelange” offers ideal accessibility conditions.

In addition to its proximity to the national motorway network, the public transport network is expanding, linking the Leudelange area to the Cloche d’Or district and the new infrastructures around the future national football stadium and the tramway line.